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Surviving the Bloodbath

Humboldt County is in dire straights this fateful spring of 2023. The cannabis community is reeling. Farms are failing and the current market environment is being termed an "extinction event." It's not just Humboldt, more the "Emerald Triangle" generally, craft producers with relatively small production volume, cannot make a living in this market where their only edge over corporate producers, precisely their "craft" isn't valued in this, if you will pardon the term, shit-sandwich we call the regulated marketplace in California.

Unity Farm however has decided we will be surviving. We will cobble together the resources and the partnerships we need to get baby plant starts in our native soils this coming June. We're going to fight through one more season in the hopes the market recovers. We're not just hoping though, we're reacting, taking steps to survive, to prosper and avoid the failure that has swallowed so many of our competitors. You're not just going to see us in the bulk market this year. We'll also be offering a selection of branded A Flower products as well as several varieties of pre-rolled joints.

As for branding, we will be branding a line of products this upcoming season, in particular the pre-rolls under the Unity Farm brand, but we'll also focus equally on white labeling pre-roll manufacturing for partners and buyers as we see demand for those services. We're currently working on and perfecting our formulations for hard hitting infused pre-rolls for our buyers in the Bay Area and LA.

Look, there's no hiding from the fact that things are ugly out there but we're convinced by operating ever more efficiently, by forging strategic partnerships up and down the supply chain, by rolling out new, up cycled products, we will survive this market turmoil! We feel the tide is beginning to shift, the many headwinds to this regulated market are beginning to peel away. Sadly, not before too many legacy craft farms fall away as well. Yet Unity Farm stands. We're just going through our genetics now for next season so stay tuned and we'll tell you what fantastic strains we chose and why in our next post.

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