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Unity Farms is a Sun and Earth cannabis farm nestled in the giant Humboldt redwoods that line the main spur of the Eel River.


The idea was born of the partners vision to produce craft cannabis deeply connected to local community and place, or as they say in the wine world, terroir. 


Our Process

What Regenerative Farming means to us at Unity Farm


At Unity Farm we recognize that becoming a truly regenerative farm is a work in progress. With each small step we take we are committed to continual improvement. 

We plant under the sun in our native soils. Small regenerative steps we have incorporated so far include composting, and cover cropping with green manures after harvest. We chip our plant stalks as well and spread them over our harvested beds. 


Whatever nutrients, amendments and feeds we apply out of a box are certified organic and sourced locally to the greatest extent possible. 


This upcoming season we’ll really be focusing on building our soil quality through locally sourced organic material, composts, straw, wood chips.


We'll also be focusing more this season on companion planting inside the garden to both attract beneficial insects and to further the terpene expression of our flowers. This year we'll expand our organic vegetable garden as well to at least 1/2 acre.


Our goat family has swelled to two dozen and with rabbits and ducks it's practically a petting zoo down here! 

Garden Soil

Unity Farm is committed to growing and offering the highest quality, sun grown flowers available in California today while tirelessly promoting Humboldt County as the Champagne of cannabis. We’ll be a success when... 

  • Our employees succeed and love the work they do

  • Our human and wild neighbors each benefit by our presence 

  • Our soils thrive, and the Eel river begins to heal

  • The hundreds of redwoods we steward stand tall to amaze future generations

  • Our investors and partners are rewarded for their faith in us

This Season’s Produce

Season 2023 Planning Underway:

We are in the process now of debating our strain selections for next season. So far we're looking at a more sativa dominant set of varietals. No firm decisions yet though so stay tuned for updates. 

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